Throughout our lifetime we fall victim to the inescapable changes aging brings about. More often than not, oral health starts to trend downward due to decay, periodontal disease, or trauma. This, in turn, may require extractions of a number of teeth, leading to partial or total tooth loss. In order to continue proper chewing and speaking function, dentures may be recommended as a replacement for missing teeth.

The main parts of a standard denture are a base and artificial tooth. With a large selection of the different types of dentures, finding the right one with the help of your dentist won’t be difficult. Based on the number of teeth missing, there are two main types:

  • Partial dentures. In case only part of the dentition has been lost, a partial denture can be created for the patient. It consists of a base, artificial teeth that will replace the missing ones, and different stabilization devices. These dentures use clasps, which clip onto existing teeth to create stability while eating and speaking.
  • Full dentures. This type replaces the entire dentition for both upper and lower jaw. It only has a base and artificial teeth. With the help of saliva, full dentures use the force of the vacuum created between them and the oral mucosa.

With so many advancements in dentistry, there are many modifications, which can be made to the dentures to provide maximum comfort and aesthetics for patients. One modification made is in the materials used. Normally, these devices are made of plastic, which can be uncomfortable for some patients. An alternative for these patients would be a nylon flexible denture.

In case the patient has trouble keeping a steady hand while handling the dentures, more durable ones can be made. This includes the nylon flexible type or ones reinforced by metal frames.

Depending on how realistic the patient wants the devices to look, dentures services in Michigan can provide the ones that are most suitable. The classic type is just a smooth surface, which covers the mucosa. Other types can imitate all of the ridges and curves of the gingiva, making them look as close to natural teeth as possible.

Tooth loss is a common problem most of the population may experience at some point in their lifetime. That does not necessarily mean the end of great looking smile, however.

Getting dentures can return the ability to eat and speak comfortably. In today’s world of dentistry, plenty of options are available for patients to replace missing teeth. With a dental professional’s help, normal dental function can be restored and enjoyed.

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