You need to get your loved one out of jail, but you don’t know which company to choose. You’re not alone – many people find the task of looking for a Douglas County bail bonds agency daunting and confusing. Here are the top five ways that will help screen your chosen bail bonds company so you can do an informed decision.

Check the name of the Douglas County Bondsman

It’s vital that you choose a company that has agents who are licensed to operate in the State of Colorado.  Licensed agents are duly regulated by the law, giving you security against shady practices. Their credentials show that they have the right know-how to help you get out of a tough situation.

A license also increases your chance of getting professional services without exploiting your current vulnerability. Licensed agents know more about how court systems work, and they have a better understanding of the legal system. Look for the name of the agent in the Colorado Division of Insurance to know if the agent of that bail bond service agency in Douglas County is legit.


Choose a company that has numerous resources that can help you get quick bail bonds. Choose a company that’s been referred by the lawyer of the defendant. These agents have been around courtrooms and jails for years. They have built a solid reputation that has made them known through the legal sector of Douglas County.

Because of this, bail bond agencies eventually develop a technique of their own when it comes to providing bail bonds service. They know the best system to follow depending on your individual case. The result is the fast processing of your bail bonds application, and you’ll be seeing your loved one soon.

It will also be beneficial for you to befriend detention officers in the institution your loved one is detained. These officers often deal with these Douglas County bail bond companies day in and day out. They know which companies to trust, and which ones to avoid like the plage. You can ask them almost anything you need about the company. You’ll be surprised at the insights and information that they will give.

Availability of the Douglas County Bail Bonds Company

You’ll never know when an arrest can happen. Or when your defendant encounters problems in and out of jail. Choose a 24 bail bonds company who will be there for you any time of the day. An agent or staff should be there to answer you the moment you call the bail hotline.  The company should be reached either through phone, website, email, or office. Your convenience matters because a delay can mean a great deal about the security and freedom of your defendant.

There are times when the Douglas County bail bondsman is required to attend a court hearing. A 24-hour bail bonds company will help make sure that the agent handling your defendant’s case will be around during the trial.


Look for the Douglas County Bail Bonds company in the net. Target reviews of past clients on how the company handled their cases. Were they reliable when it comes to giving immediate bail bonds? You can also cross check their company reputation at the local BBB listing.

Does the company have an office? The Douglas County Bail Bonds company you’re hiring to give you bail bonds service should have an office that you can go in case of problems. The office should look neat and professional, showing proof of their experience as a bail bonds company.

Look a Douglas County Bondsman agency that is nearby

The office must be located in strategic locations around Douglas County, particularly near jails, sheriff’s offices, and Courts. The location should be easy to get to within minutes, in case you run into some issues. You may be able to find a company offering cheap bail bonds, but that is useless if you have to spend travel expenses and fees whenever you need their agent.  

It’s true that you need quick bail bonds so that your loved one can be freed from jail immediately. However, you need to get a reliable and trustworthy bail bonds agency who will be with you when things get rough. VIP Bail Bonds has been providing fast and reliable 24-hour bail bonds throughout Douglas County since 2007. Our hand-picked bonds agent also has more than ten years up their sleeve working in the industry. We also have Spanish-speaking staff and agents who can bridge the language barrier.

We make the process of getting immediate bail bonds simple, fast, and stress-free. We put our clients first before us, and we think of teaming up with you as a collaboration. Communication is two-way so both of us will get a full understanding of what should be done for your defendant.

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